Bradley Price

Bradley Price is a Brooklyn-based industrial designer and the founder and owner of Autodromo, a company that makes watches, sunglasses, and driving gloves that express the spirit of motoring. He loves vintage car racing and puts his 1980s Alfa Romeo through much agony.


From the moment I saw Autodromo's Stradale watch, I knew I had to own it. I had never fallen in love with a thing so badly. A quick email to my friend Ben Clymer, the editor and founder of watch-enthusiast site Hodinkee, and I was soon exchanging emails with Price. As luck would have it, I was flying to New York, and we decided to meet up.
Price invited me to his office, and soon we were deep in conversation about watches, startups, greed, the Apple Watch, Marc Newson, Italian vintage cars, industrial design, and Apple's design philosophy and why others fail to get it. Eventually the conversation zeroed in on the notion of time in the networked age. The Apple Watch makes us challenge our notion of time — if not in its first iteration, then in a few years.
And if you're challenged for time in a more traditional sense of the word, check out this short video of Price discussing some of his design philosophies.

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