Doug Weber

Douglas Weber is an American industrial designer based in Fukuoka, Japan. He formerly worked for Apple in Cupertino and is a fellow coffee nerd. He is currently working on what he deems the perfect coffee grinder at his new company Lyn Weber, which he founded with VFX designer Craig Lyn. We recently talked about the new wave of coffee and cafes and how and why design is becoming such an integral part of coffee culture.


Blue Bottle Coffee helped catalyze the third wave of coffee, which has led to a tremendous amount of creative energy being focused on not only the coffee but also the implements and instruments that help turn an ordinary coffee bean into a cup of joy. My fondness for coffee prompted alumnus , Liam Casey, to introduce me to Doug Weber, a former Apple designer who's living in Japan and is working on what is, without a doubt, one of the world's most perfect coffee grinders. I saw the machine and never before has an inanimate machine said so much. Doug and I caught up on the phone, and ended up talking about everything from coffee to Apple to life in Japan. This is an edited version of our long conversation.

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